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Dear Patron,


The mask mandate for the state of California for indoor events has expired. Neither proof of vaccination, negative tests, nor masks are required for events at Axiom Repertory Theatre. However, we encourage those who wish to wear masks to do so. Masks and sanitizing stations will still be available at Axiom Repertory Theatre.


Axiom Repertory Theatre places the highest regard on the health, safety, and security of our guests, staff, and performers, and we have maintained consistency with established state and federal guidelines during the pandemic. We will continue to do so until such a time as guidelines and protocols are no longer necessary.


We believe we are all in this together as a community and that these guidelines are meant to ensure that we may continue to bring you the high-quality entertainment you have come to expect from Axiom in a safe, friendly, and healthy environment.


For the latest information on Covid protocols, please visit the sites linked below. Because of the rapidly changing nature of the Covid variants, the sites listed may take 24 hours or longer to update the most recent announcements from the respective health departments and organizations. and


If you have any further questions, concerns, or want to reschedule a performance, please contact our Box Office at (530) 605-0500 and we will be happy to chat with you about all your available options.


Thank you for supporting Axiom Repertory Theatre. We appreciate you!





The Executive Board, Staff, Technicians, and Performers

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